Spring Balancer tower elastic self-locking tension balance crane self-locking thruster balancer

Spring balancer is an auxiliary tool for hanging heavy production and operation equipment. It is used by personnel engaged in continuous and repetitive work on the production line for hanging, centralizing, handling and removing tools. It is easy to operate pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic tools; A device with a safety device that can prevent the suspended object from falling and can manually lock the suspended object. Lifting weight: 1-3kg,3-5kg,5-9kg,9-15kg,15-22kg,22-30kg,30-40kg,40-50kg,50-60kg,60-70kg,70-80kg,80-100kg,100-120kg,120-140kg,140-160kg,160-180kg,180-200kg. just tell me your needs, and contact us.

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Spring balancer is applicable to the occasions where the workload is concentrated in the assembly line and various fixed positions, the operating tools are bulky, and the duration of using tools is long. It is widely used in the fields of automobile manufacturing, household appliances and machinery manufacturing. It can be used in all occasions where manual tools and lifting equipment are used, whether in the field of assembly production line or positioning work, It can also be used as an auxiliary tool for lifting workpieces.1. The spring balancer is safe and reliable without electrical or pneumatic hazards. 2. Balancer saves factory space and reduces production cost. 3. Spring balancer can prevent tool damage. 4. Reduce staff fatigue and increase work efficiency.
Model Balanced load (KN) Working stroke(m) Net weight (kg)
EW-3 1-3 1.5 1.72
EW-5 3-5 1.5 1.8
EW-9 5-9 1.5 4.1
EW-15 9-15 1.5 4.4
EW-22 15-22 1.5 8.1
EW-30 22-30 1.5 8.5
EW-40 30-40 1.5 10.9
EW-50 40-50 1.5 11.3
EW-60 50-60 1.5 11.5
EW-70 60-70 1.5 11.8
EW-80 70-80 1.5 12.3
EW-100 80-100 1.5 19.9
EW-120 100-120 1.5 20.3
EW-140 120-140 1.5 20.8
EW-160 140-160 1.5 21.3
EW-180 160-180 1.5 21.8
EW-200 180-200 1.5 22.4
1. When selecting the spring balancer [1], in addition to the weight of suspended tools, the weight of other auxiliary equipment shall also be considered. 2. Hang the balancer hook at the fixed point or movable point above the work post, and fasten the safety rope or safety chain to ensure absolute safety in use. 3. The balancer should be used within the specified balance weight range, otherwise it will affect normal use. 4. Before removing the tool from the balancer, rotate the worm counterclockwise to release the spring force, then pull out the stop pin rod, rotate it clockwise by 30 °, put it into the groove, lock the tower wheel, fix the lower end on the welding tongs hook or other reliable objects with ropes, and then remove the tool to prevent the hook from quickly retracting injury or tool damage after sudden unloading. 5. The balancer shall not pull out all the steel wire rope during use, otherwise it will cause premature fatigue fracture of the steel wire rope at the root of the tower pulley, and the steel wire rope shall be kept at least more than two-thirds of the circle in the tower pulley, so as to avoid the fracture of the steel wire rope at the root of the tower pulley. 6. The most ideal use state of the balancer is that the steel wire rope moves in the middle section of the tower pulley, which can effectively avoid the mutual wear of the steel wire rope and the tower pulley and prolong the service life of the balancer. 7. Do not disassemble or repair the balancer unless directed by a professional.1. What about the payment term&price term? As usual, we accept T/T, credit card, LC, Western Union as the payment term, and the price term, FOB&CIF&CFR&DDP etc are ok. 2. What's the delivery time? Usually, we will delivery the goods within 5-18 working days, but this is aim at 1-10pcs products, if you give more quantity, it just depends. 3. Are we a manufacturer&factory or trading Company? Hebei Jinteng Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a manufacturer in Hebei, China, we have specialized in crane&hoist over 20 years, our high quality products are welcomed in many countries.

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